• To advocate for the inclusion of business in the lawmaking process to ensure more effective implementation;
  • To highlight the importance of the following to the Macedonian economy:
    • Impartial, transparent and efficient company appeals mechanisms;
    • The predictability, consistency and fairness of inspections; and
    • Reasonably and economically justified penalties and taxes;
    • Transparent and fair public procurement and payment practices.

Committee Members:

Alkaloid AD Skopje; ArcelorMittal Skopje; Cakmakova Advocates; Deloitte Skopje; Ernst &Young Skopje; Euroins Insurance; Eurostandard Bank AD Skopje; EVN Macedonia; Facility Management Services; GD Granit; Grant Thornton; Inbox Archive & Data Center; Karanovic & Nikolic; Komercijalna banka AD Skopje; KPMG Macedonia; Nextsense; Pivara Skopje AD; Philip Morris – TKP Skopje; Polenak Law Firm; PricewaterhouseCoopers Skopje; Silk Road Bank AD Skopje; Stopanska Bank AD Skopje; Van Hool; University American College Skopje.

Members of this committee helped design and run the following activities and ongoing initiatives:

  • Prepared and sent our responses and position papers to Government officials and other business organizations and the international community, on proposed laws, programs and strategic plans
    • Historical analysis and consolidated research on changes to key econ laws. Researched amendments made to 20 key economic laws, with a focus on 10 factors that impact regulatory confusion, public consultation, pace of change, etc;
    • Provided input to National Economic Reform Programme for 2015 & 2016;
    • Position paper on Company Law, Article 384;
  • Published guides and analyses on topics relevant to AmCham members
    • Guide for foreign nationals working in Macedonia;
  • Conducted regular surveys on newly adopted laws that affect the business community
    • Effects of the implementation of the Financial Discipline Law;
  • Contributed to AmCham Magazine issues on:
    • Tax Clarity & Predictability;
    • Inspections Reform;

For more information on this or any other AmCham committee please contact us.