AmCham Magazine is the official magazine of the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia and is a leading English- language business publication focused on the Macedonian marketplace. The magazine is published four times each year and is provides objective information on the business climate in Macedonia as well as organizational activities. 4,000 copies are distributed annually to: AmCham members, regional AmChams in Europe, Macedonian government officials, NGOs, international organizations, embassies in Macedonia and abroad, select area hotels, U.S. Chambers of Commerce, select U.S. and international companies, the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Congress and the Congressional Research Service.

Issue 3/2019
Tourisam – a Macedonian Adventure 
Also in this issue:
-Executive Leadership Talk with the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy;
-AmCham Welcomes New U.S. Ambassador Kate Marie Byrnes; and
-Women’s Economic Empowerment Panel.





Issue 2/2019
Digital Transformation 
Also in this issue:
-Solving Traditional Problems with Digital Technology;
-Readiness vs Reality – The Development of E-commerce in Macedonia; and
-Digitalization the Main Future Challenge in the Banking Sector.





Issue 1/2019

Joining the European Market-Opportunities and Challenges
Also in this issue:
– Low Productivity and Labor Shortage- Key Threats on the Path to EU;
– EU Support for Private Sector Readiness;
– The New IPR Challenge for Macedonian Companies





Fall 2018 (Issue 59)

Mining of the Future
Also in this issue:
– AmChams Elects New Leadership;
– Sensory Garden Opening;
– Briefing with the Director of Customs Administration





Summer 2018 (Issue 58)

Education, Innovation, Employability
Also in this issue:
– AmChams Executive Leadership Talks;
– Young Professionals Networking;
– Info Session with Directorate for Personal Data Protection





Spring 2018 (Issue 57)

Corporate Social Responsibility – Doing Well By Doing Good.
Also in this issue:
– AmChams in Europe Visit to the US Chamber of Commerce;
– B2B with AmCham Albania Members;
– Perspective of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection on GDPR Implementation.




Winter 2018 (Issue 56)
Consumer Protection: Global Initiatives & Local Challenges
Also in this issue:
– AmCham Comments on 2018-2020 NERP;
– EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
– Education models and how to tell if they are a good fit.

Fall 2017 (Issue 55)
New Government’s Approach to Economic Growth
Also in this issue:
– Public finance reform priorities;
– Findings on the hidden economy;
– Internet of Things security principles.

Summer 2017 (Issue 54)
Ethics in Advertising
Also in this issue:
– What’s new in the government program related to business?;
– US Business reaffirms commitment to tackling climate change;
– Changes needed in Corporate Income Tax?

Spring 2017 (Issue 53)
How to Bridge the Skills Gap?
Also in this issue:
– Tax Incentives to Encourage R&D;
– Improving the Business Environment – SME Perspective;
– Are Companies Thinking Long-term?

Winter 2017 (Issue 52)
Consumers Deserve Better Protection
Also in this issue:
– Companies comment on National Economic Reform Program;
– Analysis of Amendments Made to Key Economic Laws;
– CSR Database: Findings & Trends.

Fall 2016 Issue 51
Long-term Business & NGO partnerships
Also in this issue:
Trump & Clinton Both Wrong on Trade
– The Real Market Value of Copyrights
– Macedonia’s Stubborn Unemployment Rate 

Summer 2016 Issue 50
Macedonia’s Inspection Reform
Also in this issue:
Excessive Board Member Disclosure Rules
– Public Consultation Practices
– AmCham Members on Inspections

Spring 2016 Issue 49

Tax Clarity & Predictability in Focus
– Public Revenue Office Director Interview
– 10 Steps to a Better Tax System
– Complicated VAT Refund Procedures & Delays
– The Need for Binding Tax Opinions
– The Theory vs. Practice Gap

Winter 2016 Issue 48
Grey Labor Threatens Social Security
Also in this issue:
– AmCham Comments on Macedonia’s 2016 Economic Reform Program
– Big U.S. Names Investing in Macedonia
– Recent Tax Inspection Trends and Questions
– Can Mandatory Mediation Work in Macedonia?

Fall 2015 Issue 47
Outsourcing Trends: Globally and in Macedonia
Also in this issue:
– Local Accounting and Auditing Practices
– Financial Discipline Implementation Advances
– Latest Legal Changes
– Report on Company Giving Practice in Macedonia

Summer 2015 Issue 46
It Takes a Village to Realize Internships’ Potential
Also in this issue:
Bureaucratic, Inflexible Visa & Work, Residency Permits Process
– New IP-related Customs Measures
– Public Revenue Office Launches a Standing Business Association Forum

Spring 2015 Issue 45
Pro-Competition/Anti-Trust Measures: What Companies Need to Know
Also in this issue:
– Macedonia’s Recent Social Contributions Fiasco;
– Amphenol’s Kocani Operations;
– AmChams Want Renewal of U.S. Presidential Trade Promotion Authority

Winter 2015 Issue 44
Southeast Europe Wants a Bigger Piece of the Global FDI Pie
Also in this issue:
– Meet Emre Kozlu, GM at PMTKP LLC., Skopje
– U.S. Tax Reporting Rules Will Impact Macedonia
– Personal Liability on the Rise

Fall 2014 Issue 43
Social Media Gets Down to Business
Also in this  Issue:
– 6 Common Pain Points Felt by Macedonian HR Departments
– Corporate Income Tax Rules Change Again
– 10 AmCham Macedonia Members Win National CSR Awards

Summer 2014 Issue 42
Public Private Partnerships in Macedonia: Creating Synergy
Also in this issue:
– Overview on Macedonia’s New Law on Financial Discipline
– Macedonia’s New/Old Obligatory Vacation Bonus
– U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act 101
– The Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership’s Impact on the EU Periphery
– Where did Macedonia’s e-Government Momentum Go?

Spring 2014 Issue 41
Volunteerism in Macedonia
– Is Volunteering a Luxury?
– Increasing Volunteerism in Macedonia
– ArcelorMittal Foundation’s Global Volunteerism Model
– AmCham Bulgaria’s Volunteering Tradition
– Transfer Pricing in Focus

Winter 2014 Issue 40
Macedonia’s Ambitious Infrastructure Plans
Also in this issue:
– What about regulatory & administrative bottlenecks in trade?
– US-Turkish Joint Venture Completes Major Roads Project
-“Financial Discipline” in Serbia and now in Macedonia
– Meet AmCham sales motivation guru, Mike Moore
– Monitoring the openness of Macedonia’s legislative process
– New corporate income tax on loans and dividends

Fall 2013 Issue 39
Macedonia’s Energy Market Transformation
Also in this issue:
– Replicating the U.S. Energy Revolution
– The Future of Macedonia’s Steel Industry
– To Frack or Not to Frack?
– Focusing on the Region’s Energy Source Diversity and Innovation

Summer 2013 Issue 38
An American Investment Builds on Macedonia’s Engineering Tradition
Also in this issue:
– Alliance One’s sustainable investment in Kavadarci
– Views on the U.S.-EU Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership
– How international is public procurement in Macedonia
– Youth unemployment is everyone’s problem

Spring 2013 Issue 37
Macedonia’s Track Record of Macroeconomic Stability
Also in this issue:
– GeGe Beall on why engaged employees serve customers better
– More recent legal changes comapnies have to heed
– Renewable energy trends and expectations
– AmCham’s experiment with skills-based volunteerism

Winter 2013 Issue 36
Business-University Cooperation in Focus
Also in this issue:
– U.S. Co-op Education gains new value in recession
– How foreign investors have changed higher education in Macedonia
– The race for talent heats up in Macedonia